Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime show was chaotic but cemented his R&B legacy 2024

Usher was joined by some of his notable collaborators to further showcase his musical prowess. Alicia Keys delivered snippets of her solo hit “If I Ain’t Got You” and their duet “My Boo”; Jermaine Dupri for “Confessions (Part II)”; Will.I.Am for “OMG”; and Lil Jon and Ludacris for the crowd-pleaser “Yeah,” chosen as the perfect finale.

What followed was essentially a whirlwind of his extensive repertoire, flashing by in what felt like mere moments – a snippet of “Superstar” here, a fleeting taste of “Nice and Slow” there. The medley hit its peak when he allowed us to bask in his smooth, confident moves and linger on a song, as he did with the timeless ballad “U Got It Bad.” It was during this moment that he shed his shirt, allowing his vocals to shine while H.E.R. took the stage for a mesmerizing guitar solo. Pure magic.

While the performance may have seemed a bit scattered, Usher’s message remained clear – he boasts an impressive array of hits and currently holds the throne as the King of R&B. Although his EDM phase may not have been his finest hour, this show, while not his absolute best, was still an enjoyable testament to his enduring star power. As “Yeah” brought the show to an electrifying close, Usher and his crew transformed the stage into a spectacle reminiscent of a glitzy football game, with costumes resembling football gear, dancers on poles, a marching band, and the chorus celebrating as if they had just clinched the championship trophy.

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