The Latest Apple Watch 9 Is Plagued With Ghost Touch Issues

By Muhammad usman Feb 12, 2024
Apple Watch 9

The most recent lineup of Apple Watches 9, including the Apple Watch 9 and the Watch Ultra 2, is facing issues with ghost touches, where the screen registers touches and swipes even when untouched. Apple is actively investigating this problem, as confirmed by an internal memo obtained by MacRumors and distributed to Apple Authorized Service Providers. The widespread acknowledgment of the issue suggests it’s not an isolated incident.

Apple Watch 9

While there haven’t been numerous reports of ghost touches online, it’s important to note that not all users experiencing this problem may have reported it. The memo specifies that some users may experience false touches on their Apple Watch 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, indicating that older versions might not be affected.

These ghost touches can inadvertently trigger phone calls and interfere with entering passcodes, causing inconvenience to users. Apple hasn’t identified the root cause of the issue yet, nor has it provided a timeline for resolving it, whether through a software update or otherwise. The full extent of user reports regarding the bug is also unclear at this point.

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