TVS iQube : Specifications, Price, and Features 2024

Introduction of Tvs iQube

Tvs iQube: The world of electric vehicles has seen a surge in recent years, with numerous manufacturers entering this burgeoning market. One such entrant that has been making waves is TVS Motor Company with their iQube Electric Scooter. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about this electric marvel, from its specifications and price to its standout features.

Tvs iQube

Overview of TVS iQube Electric Scooter

The TVS iQube is a revolutionary electric scooter with a sleek, modern design that caters to urban commuters seeking eco-friendly transportation solutions. With its impressive performance and a suite of advanced features, this scooter is a game-changer in the realm of sustainable transportation. It promises an ideal blend of style, functionality, and performance, making it a worthy contender in the electric scooter market.

Price of TVS iQube Electric Scooter

The price of the iQube Electric Scooter is one of its major selling points. Its affordability makes it a viable option for a wide range of consumers. The TVS iQube comes in two main variants, the standard and the S variant. The starting price for the standard variant is approximately Rs. 1.17 lakh, while the S variant is priced at around Rs. 1.23 lakh (*ex-showroom price). However, the on-road price may vary based on the location and other factors like insurance and RTO charges.

Detailed Specifications of TVS iQube

Let’s now delve into the heart of the iQube – its specifications. This electric scooter is powered by a 4.4kW BLDC hub-mounted motor, which is paired with a 3.04kWh lithium-ion battery for the standard variant and a 4.56kWh battery for the S variant. This combination allows the iQube to reach a top speed of 78kmph for the standard variant and 82kmph for the S variant.

Power and Performance

The iQube boasts impressive power and performance, thanks to its high-torque motor and efficient battery. The scooter can reach a speed of 40kmph in just 4.2 seconds, making for quick and easy commuting in urban environments.

The range of the scooter is another standout feature. The standard variant has a claimed range of 100km on a single charge, while the S variant can travel up to 145km. This makes the TVS iQube suitable for both short city commutes and longer trips.

Battery and Charging

The TVS iQube features a lithium-ion battery pack with a Battery Management System (BMS). The standard variant has a 3.04 kWh battery, while the S variant has a larger 4.56 kWh battery. These batteries are rated IP67, which means they are water and dust-resistant.

Charging the iQube is convenient and easy. The scooter comes with a portable 650W charger, and it takes approximately 5 hours to charge the battery to full capacity. For those in a hurry, the scooter also supports fast charging, allowing you to charge the battery to 80% in just 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Brakes, Wheels, and Suspension

The TVS iQube comes equipped with a disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, ensuring effective braking performance. The scooter features alloy wheels with tubeless tyres, offering better grip and stability. The suspension system comprises telescopic forks at the front and a hydraulic twin-tube shock absorber at the rear, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Dimensions and Weight

The TVS iQube has a length of 1805mm, a width of 645mm, and a height of 1140mm. The wheelbase measures 1301mm, providing a stable and balanced ride. The ground clearance of 157mm ensures the scooter can handle various road conditions with ease. The scooter has a kerb weight of 117kg for the standard variant and 128kg for the S variant, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

Standout Features of TVS iQube

The TVS iQube is packed with a host of advanced features that make it a truly smart scooter. These features are designed to enhance the riding experience and provide added convenience and safety.

Smart Connectivity

The TVS iQube comes with a digital instrument console that can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This provides access to a host of smart features such as turn-by-turn navigation, call and SMS alerts, and more. The S variant even comes with a large 7-inch TFT touchscreen display for easy access to all these features.

LED Lighting

To ensure clear visibility in all conditions, the TVS iQube features LED lighting. The headlight, taillight, and turn signals are all LED, providing bright and efficient lighting. Additionally, the scooter also has a low battery indicator and a stand indicator for added convenience.

Additional Smart Features

The TVS iQube is teeming with additional smart features that set it apart from other electric scooters in the market. Some of these features include the Q-Park Assist for easy parking, various riding modes for different riding conditions, a USB charging port for charging your devices on the go, and much more.

The scooter also offers app-based control, allowing you to check your scooter’s status, track its location, and even control certain functions via a mobile app. Finally, the scooter comes with an anti-theft system, providing peace of mind when you leave your scooter unattended.

Colour Options for TVS iQube

The TVS iQube is available in a range of vibrant colours, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style. The available colours include Pearl White, Shining Red, and Titanium Grey Glossy.

Warranty and Service for TVS iQube

TVS offers a comprehensive warranty for the iQube. The scooter comes with a 3-year/50,000 km warranty, which includes the battery and the motor. TVS also provides excellent after-sales service, with service centers located across the country.

Competitors of TVS iQube

The TVS iQube faces stiff competition in the electric scooter market. Some of its main competitors include the Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak, and the Ola Electric S1 Pro.

Wrapping Up

The TVS iQube Electric Scooter is an impressive offering that combines modern technology, impressive performance, and stylish design. With its competitive pricing and extensive features, it’s a strong contender in the electric scooter market. Whether you’re seeking an eco-friendly commuting solution or wanting to join the electric revolution, the TVS iQube is a choice worth

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