6 Common Blog Header Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Blog Header Mistakes You Should Avoid The header on your website or blog is the first thing a visitor notices. Why not make this first impression, the best impression, and make your visitors into readers? The way you use this header space determines to an extent, whether your visitor wants to stay and read your website or blog, or just wants […]

5 Additional WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid

5 Additional WordPress Security Mistakes to Avoid   This is my follow up post to my today’s guest post on Daily Blog Tips about WordPress Security Mistakes. These are some additional WordPress security mistakes you should avoid. Read below and check whether you make any of these mistakes in addition to the ones  mentioned in my above Daily Blog Tips guest post. […]

21 Ways to get Post Ideas for your Blog

WritersBlock_n Have you ever faced the writer’s block, or even the blogger’s block? Every writer/blogger faces them at some point or the other. What do you do when you’re just out of ideas to write about? You read tons of blogs and yet you can’t seem to think of what to write about. Well, this post […]

5 Additional Comment-related Mistakes to Avoid

5 Additional Comment-related Mistakes to Avoid   I wrote a guest post at Daily Blog Tips about 5 common comment mistakes today. These are additional, but not so common 5 comment-related mistakes you should avoid. 1. Disabling Comments I was skeptical to enable comments on my blog, when I started my tech blog last year. This was because of my fear, […]

The Story of How I Started Writing … in Under 100 Words

   NOTE: The short story I posted at Be a Freelance Blogger is under 100 words. This is the full version. Read it if you like. I disliked composition in my school days. I would leave the essay and letter-writing questions unanswered in exams. I didn’t like to read and mug up essays and letters […]

13 Reasons Why I Blog

13 Reasons why I blog At first I thought, “Now that’s a question which everyone understands and knows very well, including Jane. The answer is simple – to make money. So, why is Jane asking such a question to her list?” I know Jane wouldn’t advise something if it wasn’t useful. So, I took pen and paper and sat down to think why I blog.